Ahead of time, Thomas was easy to meet with and made it simple to submit song requests for every part of the wedding reception. He had great recommendations and was able to accommodate a couple of unusual, specific song requests outside of normal playlists. The day of the wedding, Thomas easily accommodated sound system setup at both the reception and the ceremony venue a mile away, with zero audio issues, and was ready well ahead of time. Volume and sound quality was no problem, even in an outdoor ceremony location and in a pretty large reception venue. Thomas also was a great MC throughout the night, and did a great job coordinating with us and the location staff/coordinator to keep everything on time and running smoothly. Lastly, the music was the best for any wedding I've been to. Thomas kept the dance floor full for 3.5 straight hours with great song selection and cross-fading songs seamlessly to keep any song from getting boring. We had multiple people complement the song choices and mixing throughout the night, even with a wide demographic of ages to play music for.

Rossteen & Kat,