About Me

Thomas Paul Walter came into the world at 7:44PM on February 18th, 1986 at Ridgway Hospital in Ridgway, Pennsylvania.

OK, that's enough with the third person narrative....ahem...

I've always had a strong passion for music, but I my DJ journey began when I was 16 years old at a local radio station, WKBI, in St. Marys, PA. I hosted the Sunday morning polka party and was an occasional fill-in for the pop shows in the afternoons and evenings. From there, I attended Point Park University for broadcast journalism and continued DJing house parties and eventually, bar gigs. After ending up with an information technology degree, I entered the corporate workforce in 2009 while continuing to work bar gigs on the weekends. Around 2012, I became friends with some wedding DJs that taught me how to port my skills over to the wedding world. I quit my IT job in 2014 to pursue my entertainment career full time.

Also in 2014, I began hosting weekly trivia nights, which I continue to do to this day. Together with some friends, I co-founded Trivia Jockeys that has expanded to employing 10+ hosts at several bars/restaurants in the Pittsburgh area. Our team has been voted the "Best in the Burgh" by readers of the Pittsburgh City Paper multiple times.

I absolutely love going to concerts and am a fan of several different types of live music. Many of my vacations are spent traveling to concerts in various parts of the country, especially New York City and Las Vegas. I'm an avid sports fan (Pittsburgh teams, of course), participate in several fantasy football leagues, and love to play golf. Other hobbies include: wearing Hawaiian shirts, riding my 50cc Honda Ruckus scooter, playing guitar, grilling and smoking meats, playing video games, reading the news, surfing Reddit, live streaming, writing trivia questions, gardening, and bird watching.